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can i buy tim hortons coffee in england and if so were ,if not do you have a website address that i can

-- mark lister (, December 15, 2002


I'm from Hamilton, home of the first Tim Hortons; now there's at least one Tim Hortons on every corner.

I've shipped Tim Hortons coffee to several international destinations. I usually ship a box of 6 packets because it is easier (and cheaper) to send than a can; each premeasured packet makes 1 full pot of coffee.

If want a picture of the packet/box or you're interested in ordering, e-mail me.

-- Sean Healy (, December 15, 2002.

Although I haven't tried this website yet (I still have Tim Horton's coffee in the freezer)it appears that they do ship Tim's coffee internationally

-- Allan David Farrington (, February 09, 2003.

Can I but Tim Hortons coffee in Australia. Have a son in Canada and love Tims coffee

-- John Emms (, January 01, 2004.

Hi, for all of you who would like to buy Tim Horton's coffee, I have an Ebay store that specializes in just that. Come check it out, I ship worldwide! Coffee_W0QQsspagenameZL2QQtZkm

-- Evelyn Adams (, August 26, 2004.

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