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I have finally gotten around to painting my Overland SAL wood cabooses. I painted one with Polly S SAL Chinese Red over primer gray and it looks awfully orange. I this the right color? The Atlas and Overland SAL wide vision cabs are more of a red red. I have a copy of the old Walthers 1966 paint mixing guide and they show Chinese red only for the green E unit stripe and the switchers. Help? I don't want to keep stripping this poor caboose.

-- William P. McCoy (, December 14, 2002


Vic's right. I repainted with Polly S Caboose red and it look right. Thanks.

-- William P. McCoy (, December 15, 2002.

I believe Floquil makes a SAL Caboose Car Red,though I'm not sure of the #.The Antique Barn in Wilson NC carries I know,I saw a bottle of it in there the other day.

-- Vic Lewis (, December 15, 2002.

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