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Who let the dogs out??

Ham let the dogs out!!


-- The big Pun (, December 13, 2002


But the big question seems to be, who let you out?

-- catherine england (, December 14, 2002.

To be crushed under a mailed fist is his fate and a fate fit for prattling knaves it shall be.

-- Patrick Von Doomsday (, December 15, 2002.

And wise men lay up knowledge; but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction. And so, I have to ask while we're on the more or less irrelevant, Patrick was 666 your choice? On the other hand, if your response there is meant for me: I bleed, sir, but not killed.

-- catherine england (, December 16, 2002.

Nay, madam! It was meant for that purpled, paper-faced scullion who wrote the original letter! Note the "his fate" as oppose to "her fate". And since you enquire about my user name, criesandwhispers (a wonderful film by Ingmar Bergman) was already taken when I signed up to Yahoo, so I added 666 at the end. There, Madam. I hope you are content now. Patrick.

-- Patrick Walker (, December 29, 2002.

Patrick, I'm not a madam, really, in either sense of the phrase; and content is a relative state.

Whether of not you have a sword, your pen is certainly sharp. Is this tone your normal livery, or do I offend? I don't mean to, I assure you. But I had thought before now that I should enter into the habit of adding smiley faces to my more ridiculous contributions to the world wide web: my own literary tonal expression probably leaves much to be desired.

Now, it might have been a generic sort of 'his', you see, especially considering that The big Pun could be a hermaphrodite from a different solar system for all I know. And "Cries and Whispers' I understand; but I simply wonder, why 666, of all numbers.

-- catherine england (, January 04, 2003.

ok dorks no one answered the question about Hamlet's theme

-- Ryan (, January 20, 2003.

babababababab ya ya ya the true theme of hamlet is VENGENCE AH DUR DURe!!!!

-- AnGaLica (, June 14, 2003.

Hamlet is a homosexual and it is apparent by his use of language and his strange behavior that excludes him from others. It's Shakaspeare's means of releasing his homo tendencies. He's a FLAMER!!!!

-- Renee Pancho Villa (, May 19, 2004.

So whats the theme of hamlet the flamer?

-- Kendra (, February 09, 2005.

You can't answer the question, because there isn't only one.

But where did all this homosexuality babble (in this and other questions) come from suddenly? It's worse than the Oedipal babble - and that's something. Where and how is it 'apparant' that Hamlet is homosexual? Sure, he's guarded and exclusive because he has something to hide, but this isn't that he's homosexual.

-- catherine england (, February 15, 2005.

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