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I have been served with a County Court Judgement(Claim Form) for 26.000 plus interest in respect of a shortfall dating back to 1993.First contact with me over the shortfall was in January 2000 from Facility Trading Services ,on advise from a solicitor I have not responded to there letters or there phonecalls(hoping they would get fed up and go away). The shortfall has been passed on to PSPCno1 then to Asset Recoveries North Ltd.Each time the same letters (in content) have arrived (I&E form,threat of court action,etc etc).Now they have put the case into the hands of Lawsmiths Solicitors hence the judgement. Following the advice set out on this site "What to do if you recieve a claim form"I have written to the solicitor requesting copies of the MIG agreement,Mortgage Deed,Two Independent Valuations,Evidence of Marketing,Possesion or Money Order.(By Registered Post) Time is now running out as I now have less than one week to submit my defence and counterclaim. Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated.

Bill Robertson Downnotout@aol.com Without these I

-- John Robertson (downnotout2000@aol.com), December 11, 2002


The important thing here is not to panic, go to court and take proof with you that you have requested all these documents and not had a response from them, advice the district judge that although you are not necessarily disputing the amount you of course want to make sure they are charging you the right amount given this debt goes back to 1993.

The judge in 99% of cases will adjourn the hearing to the next available open date and advise the pursuer that they must supply you with the information, this will then give you the time you need to consider the amount claimed and get further advise.

-- Lee Wisener (Lee@wisener.net), December 19, 2002.

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