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I believe the cover photo to be looking north at 'YD' which was the south end of the yard where two yard leads joined the main line. Some folks refered to this location as "little mexico" for the road crossing immediately south of this photo. The main line was double track (261 Territory) from this point to South Contentnea. This is the way I remember it from the early '60's. I do not recall in memory the single track east of the main line at this location. Can someone with better memory, or a Richmond Division Track Chart answer what this track was and where it went in this 1953 photo???

-- JR Morton (, December 09, 2002


It was the East lead at YD and was relocated inside the "OS" circuit in 1968 and the doll arm signal at what is now the Signal @Rock Quarry was retired.This is a extremely rare photo,I know of only a handfull that exist showing the east lead outside the plant.

-- Vic Lewis (, December 10, 2002.

JR. It is probably the inbound or outbound lead.

-- Eric Corse (, December 09, 2002.

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