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Tell me about Titanic

-- Eugene Panov (, December 08, 2002


Dear Eugene Panov,

What do you want to know? It is in scale 1:200, which means 134.5 cm long. All the details are brass.The shipmodel set contains a massive wooden base and a display case. I am sending you a picture to your mail.

-- Jivko Lipchev (, December 09, 2002.

I know EVERYTHING about Titanic. I shit you not! e mail me for info.

-- Ashley Flood (, May 02, 2003.

I know everything to know.
2223 passengers
882 1/2 feet long
91 1/2 feet wide
705 lived
1518 died
Unsinkale (not)
20 lifeboats (16 boat 4 collapsibe)
sunk in 2 hours and 44 minutes
passengers rescued by the Carpathia.
If you want to know more, E mail me at

-- Tommy Lynskey (, August 10, 2003.

I know absolutly everything there is to know about THE MOVIE. I know alot about the real Titanic, but not as much as I do about the movie.. Anyone her who is wondering, just Email me.

-- Ashley (, November 14, 2004.

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