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I looked through the Caboose archives and didn't get a clear cut answer so here goes. I'm sure we all have seen the model by Athearn of a Family Lines Wide Vision caboose # 05727. My question is two fold. Did Family Lines have a grey wide vision caboose with the # 05727? And if it did, what were some other numbers in the same model? I have three of these and would like to re-do the # if its based on a real cab.


-- John Buckley (, December 08, 2002


To make it correct you also need to fill in the little window and just have the two big windows on the ends.I have several and the are impressive

-- Vic Lewis (, December 10, 2002.

05727 is a correct number for the SCL wide-vision cabooses that came from SAL. The series was 5700-5760 on SAL and 05700-05760 on SCL. They were repainted after the merger first in SCL orange, then in Family Lines orange, then in Family Lines gray. My impression is that most, perhaps all, of the series got FLS gray eventually. In the SBD/CSX renumbering, 05700-05760 became 25700-25760, but I am not aware that any in this series ever got a full SBD or CSX repaint job. The ones I saw stayed in FLS gray with just a renumbering patch.

-- Larry Goolsby (, December 08, 2002.

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