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This is an update from a earlier post. After I installed the PowerCommander on a stock 2002 MV F4 I went and had it placed on the dyno. The results are posted on here; http://photos.yahoo.com/ray1617. There is a flat spot on the mapping done by Ferracci between 9000 to 10,000 RPM because it is running too rich. I am going to lean it out a bit to see if this helps and rerun it on the dyno again. About the dyno run, the rpms did not register due to the clamp on the dyno so the tech ran on MPH. He told me that the MPH would be in the range of the RPMs. He also said that the dyno was matched to the real world and not boosted to give you the impression that you have more HP than in reality. I was pleased to run almost a 120HP on a stock bike :-}.

-- Ray Lorente (ray1617@yahoo.com), December 07, 2002


I almost forgot to include a bit of problem on the dyno and would like some input from all you techies. My bike has 2800 miles on it and the dealership always ran synthetic oil. When the MV was on the dyno and the tech took it up to redline there was a puff of blue smoke when the he let off the gas and the motor was brought back to idle. I was told by the tech that either the motor was not broken in fully or oil is getting into the combustion chamber because of rings or guides. I have never notice this problem before...but hey who is looking at there ass end when speeding along. I have broken in the motor with the intentions of not overrevving it but also not lugging it. The motor ran hot and then I let cool....ect. I have not had to add oil since the 500 mile service because it did not burn it. I am a little concerned and I hope that the motor is not fully broken in. Any comments will be apprciated! Thanks

-- Ray Lorente (ray1617@yahoo.com), December 07, 2002.

Thanks for the dyno plot

-- hb (not@available.com), December 07, 2002.

Some motors just burn a bit of oil. They are probably correct that your bike is burning a little oil but I wouldent worry about it too much. If it burns more than a quart every 1000 miles I would get it looked at. One thing is for sure, its not a poorly running motor if its making 120 at the wheel.

Personally I break in the motors somewhat hard, making sure to gradually incraease the RPM so by a few hundred miles it has seen its entire RPM range. None of my bikes have ever burnt any oil, so Im guessing this is not bad for it. Anyhow now you have an excuse, go out and run it thorugh its paces, make sure that sucker is broken it =)

-- Doug Chism (dougchism@hotmail.com), December 09, 2002.

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