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Can any one give me advice on starting an coffee/expresso cart business. Thanks.

-- M. Covington (, December 07, 2002


hi, go to, alex fisenko was early on in the university business, i believe.

-- david letro (, December 07, 2002.

Hello. To who it main concern..... I have had my own espresso company for 21 years in the Portland Oregon area. I am an expert on the espresso buisness. In the past I used to help for free. But do to the high demand of this market growing faster and faster,I decided to charge to help others start,inprove or sell there own espresso company. All I can guarantee is my years of experience and success. I have a drive thru location in aloha Oregon,also a complete mobile location all self contained with generator that i go to events and shows. To make along story short For a fee i can make anyone who has the willing to learn,the drive to succeed and the finances to start become a great success in this field...... e-mail me with any interest in learning the market from a person with experience,and back ground in it. Talk from others is cheep. Nothing is free,if you think it is,then your taking the wrong information from probably the wrong sorce. Thank You ,Mike ,president/C.E.O BEAN-ME-UP ESPRESSO INC.

-- mike (, January 01, 2003.

I wouldn't give a dime to a "CEO" who can't spell!

-- (, January 03, 2003.

Anybody have any current useful advice?

-- kelso (, February 04, 2003.

For what it's worth, I am in full swing of opening 4 locations in St. Louis. E:mail me and I will share the resources I used for development of the business plan etc., and the pitfalls I have encountered to date.

-- John Dean (, February 21, 2003.

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