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I would like to know what do you think about this case, as follows:

I was told by a friend (called A). A has problem with her old friend (called B). In 80's, they learnt piano at the same music school. In 90's, they quitted. A continued the lesson to another teacher and starting her own studio but B didn't, she worked as secretary in the company.

In 2000, after quitted from the company, B was back to the same music school which ever been there. B took the lesson again with the same teacher who ever taught her and started teaching.

Since back to the music school, B saw many problems e.g. she dislikes the principal who also her teacher, she didn't know how to teach and her teacher just asked her to learn by herself (her teacher thought as an advanced student, B needn't be taught anymore).

B always calls A each time has problems. As an old friend, A has tried to help but A was really upset by B's phone calls. A has suggested B to talk to her principal about her problems but B didn't have bravely. A also suggested B to quit but she didn't want to.

A has had many jobs and B's phone calls really take A's energy. A has told B that can't help her anymore but B seemed didn't understand, she still called A.

If you are A, as B's old friend, what are you going to do if B always calls you each time she gets problems at the music school?

What do you think about B? Does she an egocentric people? Is it a mistake, if A doesn't want to help B anymore in future?

Thank you in advance.

-- Stephanie D (, December 06, 2002


I have no opinion about B. But, if A feels it is time to end the friendship then that is his/her perogative. My advice: Get caller ID and don't answer the phone.

-- trudy shiba (, December 06, 2002.

Thanks for your input, Trudy.

-- Stephanie D (, April 29, 2003.

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