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I got married recently to a us citizen.I have a pfa from my ex girl friend.Will that affect me adversely when I apply for status adjustment?

-- shalik dante (, December 05, 2002


What is a pfa?

-- Michael Boyle (, December 06, 2002.

A PFA is protection from abuse order. Actually when we went to court she dropped the charges but for the PFA once it's in effect there is nothing they can do about it till the period stated on it does elapse-atleast thats what I was told.

-- shalik dante (, December 06, 2002.

It could be a problem, especially if the order was imposed by a judge after a hearing. (A temporary order that is automatically imposedfor a short time when someone files an application is potentially less damaging.) In the end what will matter is your conduct. Good moral character is an element of whether your application should be approved. The key question will be: Did you do something to your ex-girlfriend that merited a protective order being imposed on you? You defintiely should find a good immigration attorney and explain all the cirmcumstances.

-- Michael Boyle (, December 09, 2002.

Well,I guess I was just damb with the whole thing. On the PFA she claimed she was afraid of her safety and her 10 year old childs.Three to five days after I was served with the order we(me and her) had to appear before a judge.On the particular day I could not go to court.Where was I? Looking after her child in her apartment.The night before too because she had to work over night.And I had asked her about my attending the court session or whatever it is called to which she said was of no consquence.All they were going to do was put the order in effect.

-- SHALIK DANTE (DANTE134@LYCOS.COM), December 09, 2002.

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