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I wanted to let everyone know that I just recieved a response from John Maidra Virginia Controls (retired) see response below

I was the Founder of Virginia Controls, Inc. in 1967. I'm retired now. Contact Chris Maida, my son, at VC. He is totally knowledgeable with the GE PLC. If you do not get a solution, call me. (804) 741-9335 [EST]. Is there a "money" problem with this job, as far as VC is concerned? Under such conditions, the door is supposed to re-open and upon breaking the DOL, it should reset the protective temporary shutdown

reply.. Hi John thank you for your input, I am going to have our Elevator Maintenance company (Mainland Elevators, Vancouver BC Canada) call Chris to discuss this further and hopefully we can fix the problem. We have been searching for a solution for this almost from the beginning of the installation about 6 years ago. I don't believe their is a money problem, It sounds like it might be fixable by reprogramming the board. I stay in touch to let you know how it gets resolved

-- Darrell Uhearn (, December 05, 2002

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