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Did anyone in the States get the Dec issue of Superbike with the Senna/998/Tornado test? My area skipped it!!! after waiting and waiting for that thing can't say how pissed I am that it isn't out.

-- TP (, December 02, 2002


Same feelings here. I've checked the local stores (Boston, MA) and nothing. I think I'll write a letter to Santa about this...

-- Yannis (, December 02, 2002.

The article was posted here by Robert McCaskie on November 10, 2002.

Here's the link:

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, December 02, 2002.

thanks I saw that but I'd still like a hard copy of the mag

-- TP (, December 03, 2002.

Take the .zip file to a kinko's and print it out on the color printer.

-- Doug Chism (, December 03, 2002.

Not the same thing. not being a smart ass, but would just like to know if anyone in the US has seen the ACTUAL Dec issue of Superbike in a bookstore if so where as I would like to have a copy of the actual Mag

-- TP (, December 03, 2002.

I can post you my copy from here in the UK if you like. I finished with it ages ago.

-- David Stephens (, December 04, 2002.

interesting point. i'm in the us and did get a copy via my subscription. that's not much help to you, of course. however, i don't recall ever seeing that issue at any of the newsstands that usually carry the uk bike mags. that would not be the first time a UK issue was skipped in my area (Western Washington). best chance would be to contact the publisher for a back copy.

-- tim (, December 04, 2002.

I've looked for it in Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Minneapolis. No luck yet.

-- Dave B (, December 06, 2002.

Just got mine today (Saturday). Finally!!! Iíve been looking for it everywhere.

Found it at Barnes & Noble in Grosse Pointe, Detroit area. The funny thing is not every Barnes & Noble in the area had them. I checked three different stores and only this one had it. There was only one more left!

I was expecting a centerfold with the MV but was disappointed to find the Tornado there (I donít care for it much). Oh well, the pics were great.


-- Misko (, December 07, 2002.

Don't feel bad about the Tornado getting some attention. It's the new kid on the block....or the new kid moving to the block.

Incidentially, if we have any "storm watcher's" here, Monroe Motorcycles in San Francisco will be a Tornado dealer. They have a brief write up on there website. They're also a MV dealer too! Here's there site:

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, December 07, 2002.

Just got mine last evening as well. No Barnes and Noble have it but one (and only one, the last one in the area of course) Border's in the area got them.

Someone's wife had been driving all over town looking for it as well, we saw her in a Barnes and Noble on the phone and pointed her in the right direction :)

JamesC Dallas TX

-- James (, December 08, 2002.

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