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Help! I broke my mother-in-law's mother's Cory vacuum pot. I can't find anything that even looks like it on the web. The top is aluminum, with no markings (exept for Vaculator on the filter screen), and shaped like an upside-down bell with an aluminum vacuum rod (not glass, which is all I have seen so far). I need the glass carafe, which is marked Cory CAL, with a patent number of 2,495,688. Also, any info as to model and age of this unit would be appreciated.

-- Shannon Stepan (, December 01, 2002


Never mind. It appears that my husband's grandmother replaced the carafe to her Vaculator with a Cory some time before my mother-in- law obtained the unit in the 70's. I was able to find a Vaculator carafe on E-Bay.

-- Shannon Stepan (, December 02, 2002.

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