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What up? If anyone knows when dj Trixie is coming back to hickory, hit me up with an email, cuz she was off tha hook.

peace out.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2002


yea email me to..

-- Anonymous, December 28, 2002

I dunno about hickory, but i know she's gonna be at Spiral in Winston-Salem, on Valentine's day at Heart Breakz.

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2003

Trixie's valentines day gig in Winston-Salem is at a club called Spiral Nightlife. Tickets are $20, and she'll be there with Baby Anne, Jen Lasher, and Lil Ms. Booty. If you haven't been to Spiral, you're in for a treat! Also, keep an eye out for Digweed to be stopping by soon.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2003

She should be back in hickory 3rd sat in april. Shhhhhh... dont tell anyone.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2003

What up g? dj Trixie is currently laying low in OZ. She has been studying podiatry but has a bad back. I will let you guys know when her back is ready to bust out some hard core tracks.

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2004

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