Optical zoom and digital zoom

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Hi, I'm a bit confused here. I want to buy a digital camcoders and when i check the specifications it stated 10x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom ( expensive camcoders). On the other hand, the cheaper camcoders states 20x optical zoom and 560x digital zoom. Which one is best? Because the prices varies to a difference of 200 pounds. Does this mean that the smaller the value the better or the other way around?

-- Arin (jhs1emz@leeds.ac.uk), November 30, 2002


The larger the optical zoom value, the further you can zoom. A 20x optical zoom can make a subject appear closer than a 10x optical zoom. Optical zoom is the most important zoom as a digital zoom will give a lesser quality image the further you zoom in.

-- Claire (claire.a@192.com), May 14, 2003.

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