Just an idea...

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Go get a wine glass, fill it a bit with water, wet your finger, and rub it around the top of the wine glass and make it go "Whoooooo" very fun.

-- Emily ~*~ (crushingsapphire@hotmail.com), November 30, 2002


ive tried, it dont work!!!!!!!

-- Tabby (tabs4lotrF@hotmail.com), November 30, 2002.

well you're in australia, you gotta make your finger go around the OTHER way... duh! kinda like the toilet-flushing concept?

actually i'm kidding...

-- Emily~*~ (crushingsapphire@hotmail.com), December 02, 2002.


-- Tabby (tabs4lotr@hotmail.com), December 03, 2002.

"whoooooooooooooooo" :)

-- Emily~*~ (crushingsapphire@hotmail.com), December 03, 2002.

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