minolta x-300 is locked up

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I have a minolta x-300 camera that was given to me. I used it for quite sometime with no problems. The problem I have now is that the manual film advance lever is locked up and I can not get it to move. I know nothing about cameras, but I do know the batteries are now dead. Could this be the only problem? I just put it up when it stopped working, but now want to start using it again. Is this lever operated by the battery? What type of battery does this camera take? I have no manuals. Thanks in advance, Mike

-- mike dean (mddean@charter.net), November 30, 2002


My x-300 get the same problem. Does the Meter works?

-- Wong (h_w_wong@hotmail.com), January 08, 2003.

Ive got the same problem with an old X-300. I have heard that the most frequent electronic problem with minoltas is that the capacitors fail. I think you have to change the 220uF/4V capacitor in the bottom (I dont know exactly) to get it work properly.

-- matt (lmeagle@gmx.de), January 09, 2003.

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