Watercolor by Jackie Juarez?

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Has anyone heard of an artist in or around San Antonio, Texas who painted watercolors and one was chosen for the cover of the Southwestern Bell White Pages about 30 years ago? The artist gave me a wonderful painting and I am wondering if she ever did anything else? Thanks - Paul

-- Paul Dewhitt (PabloPanajachel@aol.com), November 30, 2002


Hello, Paul. Oh yeah---I know Jackie's work and it is all wonderful. I think you inquired about Jackie Juarez a couple of years ago or so, but I just saw your message. Reading e-mail isn't something I do very often but I do get to it eventually. I have several of her watercolor originals that I like alot and I was just thinking about trying to acquire another painting for a particular spot in my Alaska residence. Looking for her name lead me to your inquiry. One of my watercolors is a huge painting that she did especially for me to fit above my bed. She matched my colors (tongue in cheek--that's an artist joke) and it gave me many happy moments looking at the painting that was almost as big as the king bed. Five other favorites are @ 3x5 and 5x7. She also did one small painting that even fits in a bathroom. I modestly collected some of her work. When I moved out of the state, much of the city stayed with me. Since living in San Antonio I've completely changed my decorating style and re-framed the art and it worked for the new decor too. In new frames, the art looked very different. The character looked almost new too. I've never tired of her work and I've always considered her art one of my favorite aquisitions. A lawyer friend of mine has her art in his San Antonio law offices too. A furniture store there had several of her pieces that one could purchase "off the wall" too. I think she is talented and last I knew, she was still painting away. If all goes well, I'll make a trip back "home" to San Antonio again soon and I'll be sure to look her up again. I can't see the river walk on television without missing Texas. When I think of Texas, I remember Jackie too. Funny--I'd forgotten about her painting going on the cover of the SWB WP and I used to work for ma Bell. Shame on me. Oh well, once more I digress. Happy holidays - Sherri Lea.

-- Sherri Lea Brown (sleabrown@earthlink.net), November 05, 2004.

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