What Do Arabs Want?

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What Do Arabs Want? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Do Arabs Want? Walter James O’Brien 26 November 2002 Email this story

It is time to cut through the media’s shimmering wall of soap and pantyhose advertisements to review the key issue surrounding the current troubles of the Middle East. Motivations, who claims what, which slights are to be avenged, whose property and lives are to be expropriated by which state, all seem secondary to the main issue: What do the Arabs want?

As plainly as I can discern, and by their own open admission in their mosques and in their press, the following non-negotiable items are on their agenda. All the items listed below I have read in so many words at one or another Arab website, so sue me; I am sick of working. And, please, correct me if I have missed any of their straightfaced demands:

* Kill all the male Jews on the planet, and enslave all their women; * Destroy by whatever means available the evil and malevolent Western civilization and substitute for it something more progressive and appealing, such as the luxuriously limitless and cutthroat slums of Karachi, where the primary entertainment available to the public will be the stadium beheading of housewives for showing an ankle or using lipstick; * Eliminate all figurative art, public performance of music, and any and all “Jewish” literature, which I take to mean any collection of words on the printed page using an alphabet other than Arabic; * Exterminate any and all labor organizations and unions in manufacturing and production facilities, substituting the ultimate management-versus-labor mechanism of the “dhimmi” slave chained to the floor working for the “sheikh” master; * Destroy the democratic governments of the world and substitute them with enlightened and joyous caliphates. You know, something similar to those existing Moslem regimes, praised by their citizens to such an extent that fully two million Muslims a year desperately pound on the doors of democratic governments’ embassies to escape from such corrupt and predatory regimes; * Oh, I nearly forgot! Also, Christianity and all other infidel faiths must be annihilated, and their churches converted into mosques, as it is as likely Mohammed visited the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City as he is likely to have visited Jerusalem, by teleportation, pogo stick or garbage truck.

How impolite of me to repeat in open, unedited form what all of Islamic media is screaming daily. Are you not overwhelmed by a vision of beauty and peace as it unfolds before your mind´s eye, as we contemplate the prospect of a universal Islamic social and economic reality? One can hardly remain coherent in anticipation of the benefits to the individual that will immediately accrue upon forcible conversion of all of civilization to Islam. Personally, I am ecstatic at the very prospect. Perhaps the West should emulate Islam’s past behavior toward Christian and Jewish minorities in their own countries - to show our true gratitude for all the kind words they have bestowed upon us.

Does the aforementioned mockery constitute a hate crime, please? Am I therefore a thought criminal?

I respectfully submit that the foregoing is not one-tenth as venomous or malicious as that which appears each and every day, by the thousands of column inches, directed at the West, without cause or reason by the august members of the Arab press. If one thinks otherwise, one need only consult their Internet websites. I am underwhelmed by the extent to which Islam reciprocates our tolerance of their intolerance.

So, what do Arabs truly want? Obviously, no friends, supreme command of the earth, all the money, the right to bully whom they choose, and the desire to die horrible deaths, in this life and the next. Alas, I fear the world will only oblige with the satisfaction of the first and last listed wants. However, starting around, oh, February 2003 or so, the decision will be made on the battlefield as to whose G-d is Lord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walter James O’Brien writes from Everett, Washington. Copyright 2002 Walter James O’Brien


-- Martin (Martin@aol.com), November 29, 2002

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