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Just received a letter from my local M.P. Mr Richard Shepherd, God bless him. After sending him all the details of my case (please read previous message for those who don't follow) and stating that I believe NHL undersold my property and have now refused to let me see a copy of the MIG terms etc, etc his response was to:-

a) send me a photo copy of a story in The Times, printed on 9/9/02 concerning judgments made on shortfall cases for which judgment was passed on 31st July of this year (BRISTOL & WEST V BARTLETT and ANOTHER; PARAGON FINANCE PLC V BANKS; HALIFAX PLC V GRANT). b) A copy of some info on the legalities of mortgage shortfall from the House of Commons library telling me nothing I didn't know already; c) A tiny A5 letter politely advised me to contact a solicitor. d) THERE'S NO d)! That's it.

All I have to say is thank God for Richard Shepherd MP, I don't know where I'd be without him. Anyone know anymore helpful MP's?

-- Heather Broadhurst (, November 29, 2002


Hi Heather,

I have to say "Sorry", as I am the one that suggested you speak to your MP!. My own MP has been marvellous. He is Brian White Milton Keynes North (Labour - not that has any weight on my political bearing).

I wrote to him telling him how the Halifax were a bunch of thieves, making mine and other peoples lives a misery because they didn't do things properly back in the 80's/90's. They were taking money through not so honest means, and were unwilling to explain how the alleged debt had come about and where they got their 'facts and figures' from.

He wrote to them on my behalf (I think he enclosed my letter to him, which was none too polite to the Halifax) and asked them to explain what they thought they were doing. Needless to say, they used the Data Protection Act as a reason to not reply to him.

I have copied him on all paperwork sent and received about the matter and he has even stated that I can go to his 'surgery' to discuss the matter with him personally if I feel I need to. He has given me two telephone numbers and his email address if I want to contact him further.

As my 'debt' with the Halifax has now been settled, they will no longer communicate with me, but Mr White has agreed that I can channel my outstanding questions through his office and he will endeavour to get some answers for me. And as the Halifax have already stated that if he writes to them again, they will answer his questions, I am hopeful they will drop themselves in it big time.

I have to say, he has been great, BUT I have had to do any leg work and he is only a means of transport for want of a better word. He will not actually *DO* anything, I have to do the donkey work and send it *THROUGH* him. I can only suggest that you send me the letters you sent your MP and I will include them with my next letter to Mr White and explain the reason for involving him in a non constituents problem is because you feel your own MP is crap - I would honestly think, though, that he will be unable to get involved, unless it is a joint effort against the lenders in general. Alternatively, you could write back to your MP and remind him that something like 48% of women don't use their democratic right to vote and explain that your vote could make the difference between to him being elected next time. If he wants you to vote for him, it would be nice for you to know that you have used your vote wisely for an MP who feels the lives of shortfall victims are important too, and he is serious enough about his job to change current systems that rip people off!

It may be a good idea to ask what his policies on schools, the National Health Service, Pensions, Old Age Pensioners Homes, the Spanish oil slick, pollution, public transport, re-cycling and anything else you can think of that will make him work for his money! You could also ask if he has a vested interest in any building society/banks lending methods (on second thoughts, might be an idea to save this one 'til later)!

Just had another thought, if your constituent MP is say conservative, then write to the labour MP in your area - labour are in government after all! Write to them all anyway, one of them may take an interest.

Good luck, and if you want me to include you in my MP letters, email me off site at


-- One Angry Mother (, November 29, 2002.


The Halifax still have an obligation to deal with any complaint you may have with them even though your case is settled. That's why they are trying to "fob" you off. Make them work for their money and put in an official complaint and state how their attitude was not v helpful. Also you can still go to the FOS and that would cause them even more 'hassle' (which is great, in burning their money).

See an earlier posting of mine which (depending on the dates) you may have been entitled to shares in Halifax.

Best Wishes


-- Geoff Winters (, December 01, 2002.

Tracy, further to what Geoff said above, I would let sleeping dogs lie where the Halifax is concerned. They won't correspond with you but they certainly will where the MIG Co is concerned. If yours is the RSA, you could be stirring up a hornets nest....

Heather, I am sorry you had a crappy experience with your MP. Mine responded similarly, if far more rudely in 1991, the Tory b*****d telling me that I should make arrangements to pay my debts (!!??) and that there was nothing he could do to allieviate a constituents "financial distress". This despite me showing proof that my ex had walked away and left me and the kids in a huge amount of debt that was nothing to do with me!

-- Too scared to say (, December 01, 2002.

I Was Duped,

Why does the R&SA have a bearing on the MIG issue? Sorry to be dense, but what is the hornets nest I could be stirring?

I agree with Geoff, I want to cause them some grief and make life a bit difficult for a while, but I don't want to make things worse for myself - or anyone else for that matter.

Could you explain please?



p.s. in the settlement letter I have, it says the matter is closed with the R&SA too.

-- One Angry Mother (, December 02, 2002.

Fantastic Tracy. If your settlement letter says that the matter is closed for the RSA too then you are free and clear. Good for you. Some not so lucky people have settled with the Lender not realising that the MIG Co can chase them despite their agreement with the Lender. Doesn't apply to you though, from what you say :-)

-- Too scared to say (, December 02, 2002.

Well I hope that's what it means. You've made me think twice now. Tell me what YOU think.

It says... Thank you for your letter of (date) enclosing a cheque for 500 in full and final settlement in respect of your liability only regarding the above mortgage account to the Halifax plc and the Royal Sun Alliance.

The Halifax reserves its right to pursue the joint borrower (name), for the remaining balance.

Upon clearance of the cheque your liability will be discharged, the matter closed and no further correspondence entered into.

Once again thank you for your co-operation.


I have told me ex-husband that if he wants me to write to them on his behalf, I am quite happy to do so!!. Money grabbing f88kwit barstools. I hope they go bankrupt right after all the poor sods who still use them for business have withdrawn their money and put it somewhere safe.

-- One Angry Mother (, December 03, 2002.

I think that is quite clear the RSA are included. I would not write to the Halifax on your ex's behalf however. Your liability was settled aside from his, under separate criteria which probably had very little to do with any arguments made but rather your potential to pay now and in the future. You *really* don't want to get tangled up in your ex's end of things.

-- Too scared to say (, December 03, 2002.

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