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we gave the keys back to are home in 94, and eversheds say we have to pay 25,206 back. what can we do.

-- sally-anne findlay (saffnaff@btinernet.com), November 28, 2002



When were you first contacted regarding the alleged shortfall ?

-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), November 28, 2002.

Hopefully you have not replied to Eversheds or lender as yet. Check out who your lender is and that if they are a member of the Mortgage code. If so they only have six years from the sale of property to claim the money back. However this is a voluntary code, under law they are allowed 12 years, but you can go a few extra steps to makesure that you do not have to part with any money.

Keep us posted there are many people who offer great advice on this site.

-- Geoff Winters (Geoff-winters@supadooper.com), November 28, 2002.

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