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Could anyone advise me how to word a letter for a SARN request, or is the example on this site ok although it was drafted in 1997.

many thanks

-- Tanya (, November 28, 2002


Hi Tanya,

I used the site sample to write my request. Depending on your lender, you may find they send you a form to fill in asking what information you require. DO NOT FILL IN THE FORM. Send it back with ALL INFORMATION ON ALL AREAS OF BUSINESS written across it. If you state that you want mortgage/shortfall information and then find that the information you require is under, for example, debt recovery, they can ask you to submit another SARN request, which will cost you another 10 quid.

Enclose a postal order, not a personal cheque as they can trace your bank account from this and although I think it is illegal to have access to this information, some lenders might hire contact companies to do their digging so they don't get their hands dirty. They have 40 days to send you the information from the day they receive your request.

When you get the papers (there will be a lot), number them in the order you have received them and then sort them into piles relevant to each area of business, eg, statements & financial / MIG or additional mortgage cover / property selling - advertising, solicitors, agents, etc. It will be easier to see where they have doubled up on the information sent to you by doing this, thus saving you time looking through the same details twice.

Check ALL DATES and ALL COSTS/financial figures, and then double check they tally with the details of your 'shortfall'.

You will probably find they omit to send you some information that is absolutely necessary for you to get the 'big picture'. Check the information you already have, this should be included in the SARN request, so if it looks like anything is missing, ask the Information Commissioner to get the information for you.

Good luck.

-- One Angry Mother (, November 28, 2002.

Many thanks for the info, i will do that today.

thanx again Tanya

-- Tanya (, November 28, 2002.

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