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Could anyone advise me how to word a letter for a SARN request, or is the example on this site ok although it was drafted in 1997.

many thanks

-- tanya (, November 28, 2002


Here is a SARN example. Take note that you must include the section concerning Credit Reference Agency SARN requrests if this is for Equifax, Experian or MCL. Otherwise, this section should be deleted.

Data Protection Act - Subject Access Rights Notice

Dear Sir,

Enclosed is a cheque for £10 being the maximum fee chargeable under the Data Protection Act in respect of a Subject Access Rights Notice request.

You are hereby formally served with a Data Protection Act Subject Access Rights Notice request in respect of myself.

You will please supply full details & copies of all data, correspondence, files, etc., held against my name by return.

I would add, to assist you in gathering all data for this request;

1, I have never worked for you. 2, My previous addresses for the last three years are; Address-1 Address-2 3, My account numbers with you are; Account xxxxx Account xxxxx 4, I require ALL data held by ALL departments concerning myself.


As a, “Credit Reference Agency”, I hereby formally state that you are required to supply full details of ALL data held by you, and on behalf of others, concerning myself. The provisions of the Data Protection Act 7:9 relating to credit reference agencies, whereby credit reference agencies only provide details of my financial standing do not apply to this Data Protection Act request. You are required to provide full details of all databases and all files that contain any references to myself. Together with an explanation of the processing and processing logic that has been used.

Yours sincerely,

-- Michael Johnson (, November 28, 2002.

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