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I'd like to remove the front wheel on the F4. I have a front fork- lift style stand that contacts under the brake caliper flange. I also have all the tools I will likely need (including a torque wrench) for the task. In proper order, what steps are involved in removing the wheel (and then replacing it)? Torque values would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance. dm

-- dm (, November 27, 2002


It's easy, just do the following (all torque settings are in Newton Meters (nm):

1) Remove the calipers. I forgot to the first time and scratched my rim. Torque settings: 44

2) Remove the bolts for the axle clamps. I usually slide my foot under the tire to hold it up until both bolts are out. When the bolts are removed, swivel the clamps down. Torque setting: 22

3) Wheel should fall down!

The MV wheel is the easiest to remove of any bike I've worked on. The only thing tricky is getting the axle clamp bolts threaded back on, but only because they go in at a bit of an angle. When putting the wheel back on, use your foot to hold the wheel up tight in the clamps. This will make it easier to get the clamps and bolts on.

-- Brad Cowell (, November 29, 2002.

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