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If you knew that MV was going to file for bankruptcy protection when you purchased your bikes, would you still have bought it? I guess the reason I ask is that I am deciding between a 999 and an f4. This news from MV makes the decision much more difficult for me.

-- andrew fowler (, November 26, 2002


I know this may sound a bit strange and illogical but my answer is a resounding "Hell yes!!!" I absolutely LOVE my bike. It is a true gem and by far the favorite among all the bikes I have owned and these past bikes range from Hondas to BMWs to Ducatis. Ultimately the decision will be yours Andrew but you might want to keep in mind that companies such as Cagiva which produce exotics like the F4 are likely to be bought by other, more financially stable ones. For instance, how many automobile companies have owned Lamborghini over the years? Good luck with your decision.

-- David P. Galleo (, November 26, 2002.

Ditto David's answer. I too am very familiar with several different brands. I've heard it said somehwere that everyone should own a Ducati at somepoint in their lives. I fully agree - great machines. The MV is similar in this respect but also different. If lucky, we all come across that special experience in our lives that is "the ultimate". Whether it be a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex for those so persuaded), a sporting event, a 100% on a school exam we thought we'd fail, or any other endeavor - to me, the MV is that experience in the biking world. It is thrilling and sublime all at the same time. As to the financial difficulties of MV - I am convinced this is a temporary event. Even if not, I have no doubt that the after market will be able to supply us with parts. After all, parts for rare birds like Bimota and Laverda are even available. Go for it! You won't regret it.

-- Dave B (, November 26, 2002.

Greetings Andrew- I first saw the F4 on the cover of Cycle World magazines June 1998 issue. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately the $30,000 price tag and limited availability made it only a dream. When I found out the strada version was going to be released for some $10,000 less I new I had to have one. After 2 years of ownership and over 7,000 miles I have no regrets. Bankruptcy or not, for me it's all about the bike.

-- Tim W (, November 26, 2002.

Andrew- I first saw the MV Agusta at the art of the motorcycle in Las Vegas. It was clearly the most beautiful bike in the show, and I have returned once again to confirm that fact. I have owned Ducati's and a variety of Japanese sport bikes and some of these outperformed the MV in certain ways. However the shear pleasure of owning such a unique and beautiful bike as the MV cannot be touched in my mind by any of the other bikes out there.

I had read that the 999 was much more striking in the flesh than in the magazines. I was disappointed with the bike in person. The 999 has many individual stylistic touches that on their own are very interesting. However the 999 as a package is disjointed and cannot be compared to the MV for shear beauty.

As far as performance the MV is the best handling and most confidence inspiring bikes I have ridden. Its power is not 1/2 bad either. To me its a clear decision. Good luck

-- Scott Krane (, November 27, 2002.

guys, I really appreciate all of your responses. I am going for the f4!!! I don't think I should pass up the chance to own such a beautiful machine. I think that would be something to really regret. I'll post here when i take delivery, sometime next week.

-- andrew fowler (, November 27, 2002.

Yes, I have a regret.. I wish I got a Senna! :)

I first saw protype photos of the F4 in March of 1998, which had round 999 type head lights at the time. The feeling I had was that of a young boy wanting to own a Ferrari someday. Flash-forward to April 2001, I finally got my first MV. Full of bugs it was, but still a joy to own. After than MV was totaled, I got a 2002 F4 bi- posto. It's been much more reliable than the first year of production and is quite powerful too. It's been a pleasure to ride and a joy to own and a dramatic improvement over the 2000 model I had.

In regards to the financial problems, as others have mentioned, in the worst case scenario, MV Agusta will be bought out by a larger manufacturer, because it is a very high profile brand. In contrast, Bimota, was more of a very niche, quirky market and didn't get as much public exposure. And should MV be bought out by the likes of Ducati or Aprilla, we may even see more improvements to the model!

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, November 27, 2002.

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