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Jim asked... How do you see and apply 1 Cor 14:34,35 ...

Elaine replied... After doing research on the Corinthian church some time ago ...

(John writing here) I'd like to apply this principle to the propagation of the church.

Every culture, and perhaps even each small group has "societal norms." I wonder if Paul was indirectly saying, "I don't say that Christianity overturns all your norms." Looking at the bible through todays "filters," we are shocked that it does not generally forbid slavery. It is not surprising that we find additional cultural issues there.

Roland Allen, writing about missions, recommends we all be careful about trying to turn every new group into a small version of our own. This is particularly disastrous when crossing cultures.

If people are doing something "wrong," and they become Christians, sooner or later they will hear from God and change their ways. Trying to impose masssive or quick change on a culture is futile.


John Gay

-- John Phillip Gay (, November 25, 2002

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