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Can someone help me with measures 9-12 (and other similar occurances) of Gymnopedie No. 1? The RH F-sharp is shown as tied through all of these measures (a total of 12 beats), yet this same F-sharp is shown as being played in the LH chords in each measure. So do I actually replay the F sharps with each chord, or hold it as the tie would indicate? This seems very contradictory to me, but there is probably some simple explanation I'm not thinking of. Thank you!!!

-- michelle (, November 25, 2002


if you lift the pedal for a split second and put it back down again you'll notice that the previous sound still carries over a bit and the harmonics ring. so that means that the F# still carries through those four bars. my theory is that as satie had two pianos (one on top of the other with the pedals connected) played the first f# on one and then proceeded to play the rest of the chords on the other piano. Just play the f#s again but accent the first one. andrew

-- Andrew Carter (, September 26, 2004.

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