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I have a question. I have been looking everywhere for either an artist or a song that was produced by Bill Laswell called Bahia Black. It is supposed to be either a baseline or latin percussion? I have contacted a few people who knew what I was talking about, but didn't know where to advise me to look to try to find this. I have been everywhere in Portlans, Oregon. It is something that is very important for me to find, for someone very special. One, do you know what I am talking about, and second, can you help me out here? I am not certain that I am spelling the title or artist correctly. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Angela Vancouver, WA

-- Angela Arnett (, November 25, 2002


Hey if you are still looking the artist's name is Bahia Black. Bill Laswell produced this album on the Axiom label (back in the 90's). You should be able to still find it. Good luck.

-- nat (, March 15, 2003.

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