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As mentioned in an earlier thread, the follow in the unoffical e-mail regarding MV Agusta:

Dear Allan,

Prior to receiving a formal statement from the manufacturer regarding the current restructuring program, (which we expect will be forthcoming) I am only able to comment based upon my perspective as an employee of Cagiva USA since the beginning of our involvement with the Cagiva and MV Agusta brands in 1999.

The bottom line is that Cagiva USA continues to remain very confidant that the current situation with the parent company will inevitably resolve itself, through what appear to be several different possible scenarios. As I understand the possible directions which may be taken, all of them appear to lead us to the same goal, which I define as the 'ongoing sale and after-sale support' of the MV Agusta (Cagiva & Husqvarna) brands.

Please be reminded that while the factory has not produced many new motorcycles over the past several months, all other facets of the parent company have continued to move forward. Cagiva USA continues to receive regular shipments of spare parts to support the products we have imported to date. The few warranty situations we may have encountered along the way have been addressed and paid by the factory. The commercial, purchasing, and research / development departments remain in place, and are working hard to ensure the arrival of 2003 product as soon as possible in the coming year. It also bears mentioning that we have also worked closely with MV Agusta Special Parts during this time to launch their very special products and support them formally through our dealers in North America. We continue to stock and maintain the MVSP goods currently listed on our web site in addition to OEM spare parts, and have timely access to any backordered or fast moving items we may need.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that there remains a level of enthusiasm globally among everyone connected the brand(s) that will help us overcome the present difficulties. This strong will comes from our clients (end purchasers), our exclusive dealer network, our fellow distributors, associated suppliers, and of course our colleagues at the parent company itself. It goes without saying that well beyond our own concerted efforts as an importer and distributor, that we must rely on the support of the public to ensure our ongoing success. In return, we remain in place to provide the highest possible level of ongoing support regardless of the present situation. The best thing that can happen in the meantime, is for enthusiasts of our products to continue to support their closest authorized dealers by offering them your business, be it by purchasing a new model, opting for our high quality factory supplied MV Agusta Special Parts accessories, or simply returning to your selling dealer for ongoing maintenance for your exiting vehicle.

This is not intended to be taken as an official endorsement on behalf of Cagiva USA, or MV Agusta Motorcycles, S.p.A., but rather as the personal opinion of one MV Agusta enthusiast to another.


[Cagiva employee] Cagiva USA

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.com), November 25, 2002


I have a Cagiva River 600, bought for transport to work, and for pleasure. I have been waiting for over four months for spares...from a motorcycle company which clearly has no commitment to those who are unfortunate enough to have bought one of their motorcycles. If I could find out who is responsible for this absence of support, I would sue them for compensation, for sure. I have worked for companies that are changing ownership, myself, and know that during this time it is most important to maintain and build on the business base.....regardless of who the 'umbrella' company is. I am now in the situation of using public transport to travel to work (the situation which I bought the bke to avoid), and to using taxis to get to places not covered by the buses. This in accompaniment with the fact that I am still making payments for the 'bike' to the finance company. This is an intolerable situation, I have a motorbike that currently has only scrap value, and that is costing me money. I hope that you, as an employee of this company will be able to pass this information on to someone who can make a difference...if such a person exists...... Tony Clements

-- Tony Clements (klem@blueyonder.co.uk), February 02, 2003.

With regard to the following:

...The few warranty situations we may have encountered along the way have been addressed and paid by the factory.

That is either BS or the US distributor is lying. I have been waiting for over 3 months for a warrenty replacement of the mid pipe. The weld has broken on the crossover tube. My dealer is not the problem. I have done too much business with them in the past and I know how far they have gone to get the right thing accomplished. They have called, emailed, and faxed request after request to be ignored, given erroneous info, get the big "I Don't Know" schrug, or be told "it will be 3 weeks" for three months. I would have better luck tacking down the part surplus and you can guess how easy that would be.

So, Allen, if the "Cagiva emplyee" has any juice at all would you please pass on my name and see if they can look into my warrenty claim and get an MV owner some real satifaction as opposed to a fluff piece letter and a lot of sweet smelling smoke up my skirt.

Thanks in advance of your efforts just... "one MV Agusta enthusiast to another"...

Scot Hennon Mooresville, NC

-- Scot Hennon (smhennon@alltel.net), February 02, 2003.

Just to clarify, I don't work for Cagiva USA or any other motorcycle company. The letter is a response I received from a Cagiva employee in response to my inquiry about the implications of a factory shut down on parts availablity.

I obtained the e-mail address from Cagiva USA's website, which is: http://www.mvagusta.com/2003mvagusta/contactus.html

Sorry guys. I don't have any inside connections or any pull with MV Agusta or Cagiva USA. Now if I did, you'd all get brand new bikes for your troubles. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.com), February 02, 2003.

We have been waiting for a starter clutch roller assembly for a Cagiva River 600 since last November only to be told yesterday by the factory via 3x motorcycles that they have no idea if or when we are likely to get the part. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

-- Penny Jones (pjones.onsite@btinternet.com), February 13, 2003.

there is a "brand new" Navigator sitting in a dealer near me.I was interested but wary. I made some calls to Cagiva dealers enquiring about a short list of spares that you might need in a low speed get off.NOBODY HAD ANYTHING OR COULD GIVE A DEFINATE ASSURANCE AS TO WHEN THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO. One dealer told me that it was "perfectly normal" to wait months for parts BEFORE the troubles! I walked away from the bike and forgot about it.

-- John Moore (uptheaddicks@aol.com), April 17, 2003.

I've got some Cagiva Mito spares for sale for the 1995-1999 bikes. I used to import these bikes for UK dealers and I've got a pile of junk clogging up my cupboards and garden shed.

I'm in Guildford in the UK.

Cagiva Mito wheels, front and back, white, no tyres, straight and true, 50 for the pair.

Rear bodywork, original factory paint, (blue & white Italian 'Denim' version), no seat pads, 15.

Exhaust pipe, (no silencer) 25

Pair of headlamps, they dip right so tape needed to modify the lens (or modify your riding style and drive on the wrong side of the road) 10.

Plus a brand new, mint in the box, Cagiva Prima 50 gearbox (six speed) 60.

I've also got a Weber carburettor for a 1988 Ducati Sport. Everyone changed these for DellOrtos, way back, because of a fuel oversupply problem which later turned out to be curable with a different valve or somesuch thing (can't remember exactly). If anyone's trying to restore one of these 750s to original, they can have my carb for 15.

Email me if you're interested. colin.edwards@ntlworld.com

-- Colin Edwards (colin.edwards7@ntlworld.com), November 30, 2003.

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