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Can anyone tell me the rear hb nut size & where you can get a spanner or socket to fit.

Many thanks.


-- Tony Hilson (, November 24, 2002


It's 55mm 12 point or 2 3/16 in american I believe... There are posts on it way down there somewhere on this board.

-- Andy Ruhl (, November 24, 2002.

Greetings Tony- I have a MATCO brand socket that is 2-1/16". It fits perfectly. The MATCO part number is DP702THA. This number may transfer into different brands. Hope this helps.

-- Tim W (, November 24, 2002.


I note from your other thread that you're based in Reading. I got a 55mm 3/4" drive socket (part KEN-582-8360K) and handle (part KEN-582- 8090K) from Cromwell Tools for 35 - a bit heavy and too big to bung under the seat, but with an Abba stand you can get the wheel off almost as quick as an F1 team. They have a branch in Slough (01753 696000) which is pretty close to you.

Good luck finding the spares!

-- Ralph (, November 28, 2002.

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