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Hi, I am quite sceptic about the myths that exist on the 'Varaali' ragam. I had once asked my teacher to teach me 'Mamava Meenakshi' by Dikshitar, coz I really liked the song when I heard it thru AIR.. In turn, my teacher gently mocked me saying that I could rather learn it and then stop learning.. Is it a taboo to learn Varaali from the guru directly? If done so, what may be the consequences?? Will it prove fatal? Kumar..

-- Kumar S (, November 24, 2002


Dear Mr.Kumar There is a practice that the Varali piece Kanakanaruchira (one of the Pancharatna kritis of Thygaraja)is left for the learner to learn by himself as it is believed that the relationship between the Guru n Sishya will be strained.Do not get disheartened.Collect all the pieces in Varali,play it number of times and listen.Do not sing along for a week or ten days.Keep the tape on in a low volume that it does not disturb ur sleep n go to bed.Even if u sleep do not worry.Let the Tape go on.Varali gandharam has to be properly digested before u attempt it.I am not sure but I heared from some one that Varali has got the power to stimulate the Serpent power(Kundalini).If u r skeptic about this try to teach someone after u get this piece on ur own n see.

-- psprabhakararao (, November 25, 2002.

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