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Well my husband has today informed me that he is giving in to the Halifax. They are chasing him for 10,000 after the property his ex-wife was living in was repossessed. He knew nothing about this until the day she was evicted and the two children of the marraige came to live with us as she and her husband had nowhere to go. The Halifax had his new address since 1997, but they are denying they have. We have tried everything and nothing semms to be working. Surely the Halifax had a responsibility to him to inform him of any problems there were with the mortgage payments. The Halifax are looking for 10,000 shortfall plus 7 - 10 thousand costs. We still have the two children living with us, plus I have two children from my first marraige. We just cannot afford that sort of money. A hearing has been set for 7yh January2003 ( Happy New Year Halifax). I just don't know how I can help him anymore.

-- Christine Singleton (, November 24, 2002


If your husband pays them the 5k (from a previous posting) then why don't you try and sue his ex & her husband for half? At least they'll leave you alone to try and start again.It might work to spur her on to contribute. What does her husband say about all this? Or doesn't he care?

-- Too scared to say (, November 24, 2002.


I am so sorry to hear how the Halifax have treated you and your husband.

Would you mind if I printed off your posting and send it to my MP with the questions I want him to address on my behalf?

As you know I am trying to set up some sort of pressure group and the more examples I can give to my MP of the way the Halifax treat shortfall victims unfairly, the more chance we have (hopefully) of making the Government open their eyes to how these cowboys operate.

I wish I could offer some advice, but unfortunately, I am speechless.


-- One Angry Mother (, November 25, 2002.

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