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I am currently battling iGroup and Micheal Moss's cartel of companies in a sub-prime mortgage case- Loan taken out in 1990 for 1000, we recieved 2300 the current settlement figure is 130 000! As the legal battle is ongoing I'm trying to gather more background information We SARNed eveyone but only igroup responded, including printouts of their DEBT MANAGER LIVE SYSTEM. one page had been changed(MODE:CHANGE) and an entry entered to support their case- that they don't own or have control the loan- does anybody else have experience of igroups tricks? I will gladly share any info I have regarding Argyll Finance / Surburban & Provincial / Equity Management Group / Tradefair / Cityscape / Bernard Elliston / Michael Moss / Brand Montegue / Cityscape / City Mortgage Corporation / City of London Finance Company Ltd / Halifax Building Society / John Gamble. If anyone has any information it could greatly help us. Thanks I have caught them making" mistakes" which benefit them repeatledly and lying on Oath but unfortunately it doesn't make the loan any less legal, when does it constitute fraud?

-- columbus barron (, November 24, 2002

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