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Here is a link to their e-article:

And here is a poor English translation via Babblefish's translator: The guided motorcycle group from Claudius Castiglioni is successful to obtain from the court of Varese the controlled administration, judicial provision that removes the phantom of the failure. Thanks to the decision of the magistracy, the dependent of the motorcycle house of Schiranna (beyond 400), after a unemployment compensation year, will be able to finally return to the production lines and to satisfy the demands for gets passionate you of all the world, than from too much time they wait for the extraordinary delivery of motion like Brutale or F4. In short, the judge Mark Lualdi has thought valid the plan of throws again of a company that, also rendered asphyxiated from a debit of beyond 250 million euro (approximately 500 billions of the old Liras), remain titular of mark and models and plans of greatest historical and technological value; assets that risked to remain stritolati in the vice of the creditors, already on the ready foot of war and smembrare the industrial patrimony of Schiranna. The operativity would have to leave again within January 2003, with a productive rhythm of approximately 120 motion to the day. For 24 months, three curatori name from the court (Angel Cas˛, Salvatore D' Amora and Riccardo Broggini) will supervise on the activity of the Mv, than with "the frozen" debit it will try to make to return the accounts producing yield and smaltendo the own passivity within 2006.

Lastly, for those who can read Italian, here is the pure text: Il gruppo motociclistico guidato da Claudio Castiglioni Ŕ riuscito ad ottenere dal tribunale di Varese l'amministrazione controllata, provvedimento giudiziario che allontana lo spettro del fallimento. Grazie alla decisione della magistratura, i dipendenti della casa motociclistica di Schiranna (oltre 400), dopo un anno di cassa integrazione, potranno finalmente tornare alle linee di produzione e soddisfare le richieste degli appassionati di tutto il mondo, che da troppo tempo aspettano la consegna di moto straordinarie come Brutale o F4. In sostanza, il giudice Marco Lualdi ha ritenuto valido il piano di rilancio di un'azienda che, pur resa asfittica da un debito di oltre 250 milioni di euro (circa 500 miliardi delle vecchie lire), rimane titolare di marchi e modelli e progetti di grandissimo valore storico e tecnologico; beni che rischiavano di rimanere stritolati nella morsa dei creditori, giÓ sul piede di guerra e pronti a smembrare il patrimonio industriale di Schiranna. L'operativitÓ dovrebbe ripartire entro gennaio 2003, con un ritmo produttivo di circa 120 moto al giorno. Per 24 mesi, tre curatori nominati dal tribunale (Angelo Cas˛, Salvatore D'Amora e Riccardo Broggini) vigileranno sull'attivitÓ della Mv, che con il debito "congelato" cercherÓ di far tornare i conti producendo reddito e smaltendo la propria passivitÓ entro il 2006.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, November 23, 2002


Okay. First off, the title should say "here" not "hear" speak Italian. Secondly, I used another translation website and with the combination of the two, and trying to interpret what the author intended to say, came up with my translation here. I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate:

Claudio Castiglioni's motorcycle company succeeded obtaining a "self- possessed administration" from the tribunal of Varese. This is a legal measure that removes the specter or uncertainty of failure. Thanks to the decision of the magistrature, the company's employees (over 400) will be able to return to the production lines after a halt for a year (or half a year) to satisfy the world demand the Brutal and F4S.

In essence, Judge Mark Lualdi decided on a valid plan of to alleviate the company from it's 250 Euro debt from both models and project bands, which are of a historical and technological signifigance. Assets were at risk of begin seized by creditors(?). In January production (or distribution) will resume with about 120 units made per day. For 24 months, a three member committee or judical tribunal, will supervise the company's activity. Debts will remain frozen and repayment attempts will be made by 2006.

Here is the pure translation from "Free":

The group guided motociclistico from Claudio Castiglioni succeeded to obtain from the tribunal of Varese the self-possessed administration, measure legal that removes the specter of the fallimento. Thanks to the decision of the magistratura, the employees of the house motociclistica of Schiranna (beyond 400), after an integration box of year, will be able final to return to the lines of production and to satisfy the requests of the fascinated of all of the world, that from too time wait for the extraordinary delivery of movement like Brutal or F4. In substance, the judge I Mark Lualdi retained valid the plan of raising of a business that, simply given back asfittica from a debt of beyond 250 millions of euro (about 500 billion the old lira), remains both model and project brands of titolare of large historical and technological value; assets that risked to remain ground in the grip of the creditors, already on the foot of war and ready toSchiranna. The operativitÓ should distribute within January 2003, with a productive ritmo of about 120 movement to the day. For 24 months, three curators named from the tribunal (Angelo Cas˛, Savior OF amora and Riccardo Broggini) will keep watch on the activity of the Mv, that with the debt "frozen" will want to make hairpin curve the accounts producendo income and smaltendo the actual passivity within 2006.

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-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, November 23, 2002.


Please find here a translation from the local newspaper in Varese regarding the financial position of the MV Agusta factory.

This information was passed to me by Phil Read.

Dear Mark,

See the translation from the Varese News of last week re the future production of MV Agusta motorcycles.

The court of Varese grants trust to the Mv Agusta: judge Mark Lualdi has deposited this afternoon the provision with which you/he/she admits the motorcycle factory of the Schiranna to the checked administration. They breathe a sigh of relief the around 430 employees of the ex Cagiva: thanks to the decision of the magistracy you/they can take back very soon the job and you/he/she has been avoided the gloomy perspective of the failure; currently it is about to become exhausted himself/herself/themselves the box ordinary integration that has almost all been interesting the employees for about one year. In base to the provision of the judge the Mv Agusta will see frozen for two years his/her debts (they amount to around 250 million of European) that in the last year they had of it practically paralysed the production; contemporarily to this the firm will have two years of time to return to produce income. Finally on the operation of the Mv Agusta they will watch over for the whole period of administration checked three commissioners named by the court (I am Angel Cas˛, Savior Of Amora and Riccardo Broggini). The judge has in practice held believable the plan of improvement introduced by the firm of Claudio Castiglioni: the mark there is, the product is technologically judged advanced and on the table there are orders for one abundant year. The same plan foresees that the Mv Agusta can digest his/her heap of debts within 2006.

-- Mark Bridger (, November 25, 2002.

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