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I received my latest edition of Lines South yesterday, and as always it was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the E.C. article. Fortunately, on one occassion I had the opportunity to see the E.C between Charleston and Savannah before the tracks were ripped up. Afterwards, I have been able to see it a couple of times, the last being in 1998 on a trip to Hilton Head. I allowed an extra day so as to be able to "follow" the old route as much as possible between Savannah and Charleston. The lower part of the E.C between Charleston and Savannah was truly a world of its own that carried a unique flavor of mainline railroading til the end. I look forward to the next edition of Lines South. Being a member of the ACL/SAL HS for many years, I continue to see each year get better; sometimes I wonder how our organization could have gotten any better; it's always been great. But, then, look at the superb leadership that we have.

Good job folks, Raymond Smith

-- Raymond Smith (, November 23, 2002

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