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My husband is being chased for a shortfall of 10,000, he did not know there was any problem with the mortgage account or even that the property was being repossessed because the Halifax did not inform him. They said they did not know where he was living, but he had been into the Halifax and changed his address in 1997. The property was repossessed in 1999. We have questioned the Halifax time and time again. Whe we received the paperwork through SARN it showed an amendment to my husbands personal details dated 9/6/1997. This is the date we believe my husband changed his address. His ex-wife was still living in the property up until it was repossessed but she never passed on any mail that was sent. I have informed the Halifax about the amendment and have asked for an explanation as to the amendment, the reply I have received today is;

You will appreciate that the Halifax holds a considerable amount of documentation relating to its customers' accounts. In your particular case you have been forwarded copies of a considerable amount of the documentation that the Halifax hold in relation to you. The customer details to which you refer form a small part of this documentation and unless you provide a copy of the document it is not going to be possible for our client to identify it from the details which you have given.

I have given them the page number. The heading of customer details. These include the basic information i.e. customer number, customer name, date of birth, male or female, mortgaged address.

I would have thought with the information I have provided they should be able to answer my question without me having to send back a copy of the information the Halifax have already provided me with.

-- Christine Singleton (, November 22, 2002

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