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As with other's on this page, I have a shortfall on a property I used to own which was repossessed in my absence (they were writing to the wrong address). HSE have been after the shortfall for some time but went quiet over 12 months ago. Since then I obtained SARN on the Britannia B Soc and in their records is a note that they were "writing off" the shortfall. However I am now being pursued again (threat of bankruptcy) for 19,000 by HSE. If Britannia have written it off, why are HSE chasing me? Any suggestions welcome!

-- Amanda Watkin (, November 22, 2002


Writing off a debt is an accounting entry,it's simply a mechanism for removing the debt from one part of the accounts to another. It has no bearing on the Lender's rights and intentions to pursue the shortfall they allege is owed, through whatever means they choose to employ. Unfortunately.

-- Too scared to say (, November 22, 2002.

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