End of a long era

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Thur., Nov 21, 2002 As of tomorrow morning the old Mobile and Girard line through Hurtsboro, Alabama should be lifted. This ends 140 plus years of M&G/CofGa presence in Hurtsboro. To have a line taken up that has meant so much to an area for so long really tears at the heart strings. Hurtsboro is the oldest incorporated town in Russell County and it's incorporation even states that the center of town is at the center of the crossing of Main Street and the M&G. While we can not stand in the way of "progress", it is a shame that questionable business practices can be used to end such an enterprise as this. Oh well ya'll, you better observe, photograph and cherish your favorite RR line(s), as one day a R______ A________ or like person might show up on your line...... With a heavy heart, Adios M&G! Rail's End

-- Rick Perry (RailsEnd@mindspring.com), November 21, 2002

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