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I have tried to nego my debt with the Bank (Halifax) using email. I'm also complaining. But now they say I cannot use email as and I should write in. But the email records the account and so I want to use it, is there something in the banking code about this, as this is one of my preferred choices (it saves on stamps too but quickier).

Do they have to listen to my emails?

-- Biggles aka Perfect world (thisisnot@supaworld.com), November 21, 2002


Biggles wise up u berk, why cause more problems for yourself by being akward, do your negotiating by letter.

-- bitch (bitchu@totalise.com), November 21, 2002.

Don't listen to people like that (she can't spell anyway). I am not too sure, but if you want to send stuff via email then why not?

You are not being awkward, as you state it is a valuable tool to prove you sent the documents so the person cannot get out of it.

-- Geoff Winters (Geoff-winters@supadooper.com), November 21, 2002.

Hi Flyboy,

I was conversing with Eversh*ts via e-mail quite successfully, well they havent sent anything to me by any source for over 9 months but i'll take that as good news. Anyway If I were you I would print all copies of all the mails that you sent to them via e-mail and send them to the Halifax by Snail Mail, it might cost you a bit but then you know that they cant claim not to have received them eh ?



-- John (sharky_john@hotmail.com), November 21, 2002.

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