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Hi all, great site btw, keep up the good work! I'm concerned over a friend of mine who sadly lost her home recently after Northern Rock agreeing to reduced payments, then went back on their word and said because of arrears mounting 3 months they where going for repossession. Originally (friend has letter confirming it) they agreed to add it on to interest over 25 yrs and consolidate it? (is that the word?). Basically, she was forced out of her home and had to take refuge in a little damp flat in an awful area just to keep a roof over her sons head (husband commited suicide just before repossession). The problem is, she is going to try and move to a nicer area asap (cash allowing) but is in catch 22 really. Councils request if you have mortgage arrears you will not be allocated a place how/have they the right to do that? do they do a credit check?, and letting agents always do a credit check before confirming you can move in etc with a ccj against her name and numerous other debts I take it that will go against her? The problem is the landlord is a real pig and she will be made homeless soon but doesnt want to get to that point. Has anyone ever experience this? You can mail me privatley if you wish as I know this site is for people who have been made homeless by those heartless B`s and im wondering how anyone else managed to find a home that wasnt let by a shadey landlord. she is in no position to pay anything back just yet as she is unemployed and in any case they never listened or helped before so we dont think they will now. can anyone help with advice on credit checks and how they work? thanks and love to you all, im sorry you have all had to go through rubbish because of evil moneygrabbing so and so's...

Ignore that guy too Eleanor! You go girl!



-- Julie Richmond (, November 20, 2002


Hi Julie,

I am sorry to hear your friend is having such bad luck, at least she is lucky enough to have a friend willing to do some research for her.

I was in a similar situation to your friend. We handed the keys back on our flat (so repo was voluntary), then moved into rented accomodation. I split with my husband and he moved out. The landlord then decided to sell the house from under me, giving me one months notice to move out.

The Council have an obligation to make sure children have a roof over their heads, whatever the reason for being homeless, so your friend will be re-housed (even if they later turn round and say she can re- house herself, which they won't because she doesn't really have an alternative does she?). I went to the council and told them I was being made homeless with a young child (she was 5 at the time). You have to make the application 28 days before you are due to be made homeless. We were re-housed on the same day we had to move out of the rented house, admittedly it was in a really grotty hole, but it was only temporary and because I agreed to housing association I was moved again five months later (council housing is about 20 a week cheaper than housing association, but the waiting list was 4 years). Then I met my boyfriend, and we bought a house together, (I had no problem getting another mortgage) so all came good in the end.

If your friend is not working, she is entitled to benefits, which I know a lot of the women in the housing association houses were claiming, but I can't tell you what or how. (They always seemed better off than I was, even though I worked!)

I can't offer any advice about the old mortgage, but hopefully someone else can.

I certainly hope your friend has a turn on her luck and all works out OK. I can remember what an awful time it was for me and the worry was horrendous. Keep offering your friend support, and be there for her, it is a very difficult time and she needs all the help she can get.

My best wishes to you both.


-- One Angry Mother (, November 21, 2002.


Purely for the purpose of offerig advice to your friend in need, I can confirm as a very recent ex Housing Officer for one very large Authority they DO NOT carry out credit checks (too expensive and time consuming) relying mostly on the information you provide when you apply for housing. What she has to prove is that she did not make herself intentionally homelss. This is where their refusal to rehouse people with arrears comes in. If she simply couldnt afford the repayments anymore then this is not classed as intentional homelessness and is quite a common reason for ex-homeowners to apply for Council Housing. It is reasonable to apply fo help because you couldn't afford to continue payments on your old home. Also, as stated byt he previous reply your COuncil have a DUTY to re-house homeless families who are not intentionally homeless. If she needs anymore advice at all, you can email me directly andI'll be happyto assist any way I can.

-- Joe Bloggs (anon on this occasion) (, November 28, 2002.


Thanks so much for that response it was a great help indeed. Its really helped to put my friends mind at ease as she is so worried about the threat of homlessness for herself and her child. What happened is she was forced out of her home after her mort prov agreed to reduced payments then said they never and due to arrears repossessed the home. She would like to pay in the future but after losing her partner, losing her home and being forced to live in a really horrible area just to find a place (and all in 4 weeks really) she just hasnt got the money or energy to face all that abuse again. (They didnt listen to her circumstances before and made unrealistic demands for payment and she cant go through that again right now nor afford it either).

Thanks for your advice on the matter to you both.


-- julie (, November 29, 2002.

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