120/70 tire fix....maybe

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for those who would like to go up to a 120/70 tire instead of going down to a 120/60, I'm working with my dealer on making a "plate" that would raise the fender up a bit so there would be clearence for the tire. right now we are looking around to see if its something we can find off the shelf or another bike. If we can't find something that works right, they are just going to make them for me like they did with the aluminum mount replacement for my OEM MV stand. I'll let you know what we come up with.

If any of you guys want to try something on your own the idea is pretty simple. The fender mounts to the forks at 4 points. in theory if you had a small plate with 2 screw holes (one for the mount and the other for the fender)you could raise the fender a little. You'd need 4 of these plates and an additional set of bolts but I don't see why it wouldn't work. It would be easier then cutting up a fender or paying a ton to have a taller custom on made.

-- TP (tpoole@xnet.com), November 20, 2002


I have had no problem finding a 120/65/17 tire and have found its handling characteristics quite capable both in flickability and stability. However, if there is a problem finding them, I can see where the "plate" you are talking about fabricating would be a help. Good luck with your proposition.

-- Pete (pistonpete@hotmail.com), November 21, 2002.

I noticed at the NEC bike show that some of the Jap 600s are now having 120/65 fronts installed. This should encourage the tyre manufacturers to increase production of that size. Perhaps you should hold off making any changes to your bike (unless you are desparate for a tyre). I expect the 120/65 will be readily available by the spring.

-- David Stephens (david_stephens@storagetek.com), November 21, 2002.

its not that I can't find a 120/65 its that apparently Pirelli isn't going to be making the Dragon Evos in that size anymore. Also Pirelli doesn't make a 120/65 SuperCorsa or Dragon Slick only 120/60- 70. That is the tire that I want to use for the track.

Also it wouldn't be a huge mod, just an adaptor to raise the fender hieght a little. it wouldn't be permenant either, so I could change it if needed when the tire is changed

-- TP (tpoole@xnet.com), November 21, 2002.

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