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wife and son in school we live in the country bank came and repossed my 1977 ford pu with all my tools and means to try to keep them in school and fed is there anything i can do or any rights i may have on this matter im just a hillbilly tryen to keep my family alive the note at the bank was 2 hundred but might as well have been 2 million please let me know if anything what my options might be if any thank you roger miller mansfield missouri

-- roger miller (, November 20, 2002



This site is for mortgage shortfall victims in the UK ONLY. Sorry but I dont think that we'd be able to help you on this one. You should try getting help from the Citizens Advice Bureau in your county.


-- John (, November 20, 2002.

Roger The only advice i can give you regarding having your Truck repossessed is:..........Get used to walking.

He He He He

-- bitch (, November 20, 2002.

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