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Does anyone have any knowledge of PHH Asset Management, based in Swindon?

What do they do? Are they a sales office, or just an agent? What companies do they canvas for?

Any info much appreciated.


-- One Angry Mother (, November 20, 2002


They crop up from time to time.

I don't know much about them.

If you add more details about what they've been up to with you, I'll make a couple of guesses to answer your questions.

Also, if they are contacting you, your first reaction should be to SARN them.


-- Lee (, November 21, 2002.

Thanks Lee,

No they have not contacted me, but I noticed they had invoiced the Halifax in relation to my flat. The invoice was for things like cleaning, clearing, glazing and changing the locks, plus their fee, which came to 588.

I put them into my search engine as PHH Asset Management (as per the invoice), but that doesn't seem to exist, however PHH seem to have fingers in other pies too, at the same address. And I notice they help re-locate people. It makes me wonder if the flat was sold before it went on the market, in which case, why would they need to undersell and why employ *Halifax* Property Services to market the property?

Any thoughts, much appreciated.


-- One Angry Mother (, November 22, 2002.

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