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I have a beginning student who started two months ago who just broke her right wrist this last week. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to how to continue with her lessons. Right now, I am having her play the left hand part while saying the note names for the right hand. She will be in her cast for 4-6 weeks and her parents want to continue her lessons as much as possible during that time. Are there exercises she can do to keep her RH fingers strengthened and limber? She is just learing how to read the notes on the staff, so I am also having her do a lot of theory and note writing for the treble clef. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

-- Amy Scarr (, November 20, 2002


I've had several students with broken arms, but never one at such a beginning level. Be thankful that the parents want you to continue! That's a great sign! Since you're a piano teacher and not a physical therapist, I'd not advise that you try giving any physical exercises for her fingers. I'd do a lot of rhythm work (kids love rhythm instruments), study intervals and note names, have her imagine she's playing the RH and have her tell you which fingers would play each note, do some singing (of note letters or solfege), listening skills (ie identifying how the notes move, or discussing the mood of a clasical piece, etc), music games (do you have Crazy Eighths, or a large floormat staff? I love mine). I never run out of things to do with my "one-handed students" and I rather enjoy the time to do these special activities. Annie

-- annie (, November 25, 2002.


-- nora ugly (, November 30, 2002.

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