I have a proposalto form a music city near chennai India. With all Music lowers. There will be concers lectures and temple for sound and including residential music school for all age group etc. Are you interested to join with me? Email your opinions and views:

-- s'govindarjan (, November 19, 2002


I agree with you. If we could start off with a centre inside a common place like Music College in Chennai. Eventually we could develop into a Taramani MEPZ sort of complex, where we could have centre for different type of Music all housing artist working towards experimenting and expanding the limits of music of thier choice, They could be composers, artists (renderers), Acompanists, Recording specialist, Sound engnineers,etc.,

Provide a State of Art Music Lab, where anlogue and Digital experiments could be conducted.

With multiple theatres where music lovers could experience these artists and their creation. Some may just want to hear the particular artist's rendition.

We could have mixed forums where workshops could be conducted for different schools of music to interact and evolve.

Production facilities for release of even just 1 doz. copies of a particular number would be available. Also direct links with production houses could be there to get the prodcuts out in the market with the least delay.

Music Companies could be provided space to buy / Auction such creations and fund the whole activity.

Inviting artist from different Music worlds accross the world would help in enriching each other.

Music is Human's way of reaching Godliness. Hence you would create a Heaven here indeed!!



-- Kumar Mani (, February 06, 2003.

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