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I'm upgrading someones PC and when they came over they also brought a Power Macintosh 5200/75CC, an Apple IIe, and 3 LC475s. I have never worked on a mac before and the power mac won't turn on. When I press the power switch it sounds almost like power is going to the monitor but nothing starts. Do you think it is the power supply? If so, where could I get one and how do I install it? Also, I have found some Apple IIe software online but how do I download it on a pc to put it a 5 1/4? She also brought 3 Macintosh LC475 that work but what kind of adaptor do I need to plug them into a pc monitor? I would really appreciate any help you can provide.

-- Bob Buck (, November 16, 2002


The 5200 may simply be the c-mos battery but it may also be something else. Sorry, but you can't download to a pc and then put it on a mac. The 475s need a VGA to mac adapter...less than $10.

-- Tom Bessler (, November 16, 2002.

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