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My dealer gave me a call because I asked him about tires. He said that the 120/65 Dragon Evo Corsa fronts are dwindling fast, and that he couldn't find a corsa rear at all. Apparently the Pirelli rep didn't have much comment on if any of the new Pirelli tires are going to come in /65 sizes for the front. They do have a new tire out, called the Diablo, which I assume is the Pirelli equivalent of the Metzeler Sportec M-1. However, this tire does not come in /65 (yet?). Thankfully, the Metzeler does. A few guys use them at the track and say good things about them, so I'm guessing that these will probably be the tires I use when I get new ones (after the cold weather is over most likely).

Tires that I know come in /65 for the front so far are:

Dunlop D207 ZR (absolute shit as far as I can tell, I hated them on my R1) Michelin Pilot Sport (some like them, some hate them. A friend at the track decided to try Michelins after running Dunlops for a while and he promptly crashed twice) Metzeler Sportec M-1 (I've only heard positive things about this tire.) Pirelli Dragon Evo Corsa (Farewell?)

If someone can confirm to me for SURE that a 120/70 won't rub the front fender, I may try one. A guy that has an MV here said that when he put on new D207RR's on the MV (took them off a 998S Bostrom, must be nice...), they rubbed the fender and he took a hot air gun and deformed the fender to make them work. I don't want to do this.

-- Andy Ruhl (, November 15, 2002


I have by mistake of my own placed 120/70 michelin on the front, and although they are very close to the front of the fender they dont rub, however, small stones usually make some noise as they pass thru . so far no problems. kevin

-- kevin mendez (, November 15, 2002.

How fast have you gone on the bike with the 120/70 on there? I'm thinking that at some speed the tire may expand enough to rub. I get up to about 130 something on the track at the fastest point, but at some point I expect to ride faster tracks as well.

-- Andy Ruhl (, November 16, 2002.

Well I only ride the bike for pleasure and on regular roads, if I do 100 is only for a fraction of a second, I do enjoy riding the bike a lot, that is why I try no to speed and go crazy, I want to continue doing this for many years to come. kevin

-- kevin mendez (, November 16, 2002.

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