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Anyone out there running Dunlop D207RR's on their F4?

I've got hold of a pair really cheap (I think they're soon to be superseded) but Dunlop don't list pressures on their web-site and couldn't recommend anything when I mailed them. Sizes are 120:65 and 180:55. The pressures for the OE tyres displayed on the bike's screen sticker are very confusing and no help at all.


-- Ralph Goldstein (ralph@eurograv.co.uk), November 14, 2002


Wait a second, Dunlop doesn't list those at 120/65 and 180/55. Are you sure these aren't the standard D207 ZR street tire?

I don't remember what I ran those at on my R1. I'm guessing somewhere around 35 on the street and 30 or even lower on the track. Don't know for sure. If they are the ZR, be careful. I had a million slides on them before.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), November 15, 2002.

My original tires on my Aprilia Mille were D207RR 120/70, 190/50. Recommended pressures were F/32, R/34, I found the tires cupped really badly. Although I got 5,500 miles from them, the cupping was causing them to vibrate like crap. The dealer suggested I should run higher pressures for the street. I went to Michelin Sport Race H2 tires, 120/70, 180/55 and run pressures at F/34, R/36 for street and they are working and wearing great. On the track I run F/30, R/28.

Stewart (Future MV owner)

-- Stewart Houston (Lyst36@msn.com), November 17, 2002.

Andy, Thanks for trying - I would guess that you don't get 207RR's in your part of the world. If memory serves me correctly, they're the 207GP rubber on a standard 207 carcass. In the UK they've got a good reputation as a soft road/occassional track day tyre. Surprisingly, they're actually made in France!

Stewart, I'll try about 34/36 psi and see how it goes - mind you it's getting cold now so it'll be a few months before I get into any heroics on public roads! Hope you get the MV soon - have you read the test of the Senna in "Superbike" magazine? I got all excited reading it and I've been riding one for the last six months!!! Trouble is, it's been at the dealer's since the beginning of October, but that's another story..........

-- Ralph (ralph@eurograv.co.uk), November 18, 2002.

We do get D207RR's, even on some stock bikes (Mille), however we do NOT get them in a 120/65 front size. According to the www.dunloptire.com, the D207RR doesn't come in a 120/65 front. The website seems to be worldwide too unless I'm missing something...

The reason why I'm so interested in this is because my stock Pirellis are quickly becoming worn down the center, and only 1 or 2 more track days may cook the sides as well. I can't buy them again so I'm looking for every possibility for new tires. If the D207RR in 120/65 is available over there in the UK but not here, I'd seriously consider ordering it. FYI, a guy here put a D207RR on his MV (120/70) and it rubbed the fender. This was on a 2000. My best option still seems to be the Metzeler Sportec M-1.

Anyone know if they changed the fender to allow for a 120/70? It would be nice to get comment from MV now that 1/2 of their OEM tires are disappearing (the other half being the Michelin Pilot Sport, a tire I've been warned about if you come from a non-Michelin background).

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), November 19, 2002.


Let's put this to rest! I have the tyre next to me, and reading straight off the sidewall is as follows...

"Dunlop Sportmax...Radial...Race Replica...120/65 ZR17...D207F RR...Tubeless...Made in France"

Bought them from www.busters-accessories.co.uk for 139.95, and they're still advertising them today.

-- Ralph Goldstein (ralph@eurograv.co.uk), November 20, 2002.

Nice. That's a nice option for a tire. I'd rather use the old D207GP, but they dont' come in 120/65... I may have to have some of these shipped over. That's quite a steep price though. I guess us Americans are used to cheap stuff...

Found out from the 'net that Avon makes a 120/65, and so does Bridgestone, but I really wouldn't consider those.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), November 20, 2002.

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