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Would appreciate if any one could provide information on Basone Elevator Co..

-- Cely See (, November 13, 2002


Basone was a company that existed for a relatively short time in the Southern California area, I believe.

To the best of my knowledge, they did little or no manufacturing, putting together an elevator package from components purchased from various industry suppliers.

-- John Brannon (, March 04, 2003.

Basone Elevator had the original service contract for my building, starting around 1990. Precise Elevator bought their contracts (or merged?) and then, somehow, Oliver & Williams took over. Oliver & Williams is trying to hold us to our original Basone contract, even though we signed a new one with Precise. I'd like more info, too, if anyone has it.

-- Carol Chacamaty (, February 02, 2004.

4-18-04 To whom this my concern.

I owned Basone Elevator Co. for over 20 years. It was not a small Co. We installed Elevators, Serviced Elevators, Repaired Elevators, manufactured Cabs and modernized Elevators.I sold my company to Precise Elevator. If you would like more information please send me your Name, Address, Telephone, e-mail and or fax. # My fax # is 626- 960-6483 James Basone

-- James Basone-Basone Elevator (, April 18, 2004.

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